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Checklist for buying freehold land in Bali.

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Appoint a Real Estate Agent you trust. (Bali A List, of course)

“ With your Agent (us) appoint a top Notaris.

If you don’t want to do the above and decide to do it yourself, make sure you check all the boxes


“ Walk the land to see there are no obvious problems.

“ Check the Patoks (government installed concrete corner pegs) to make sure they are there.

“ Get a copy of the Sertipikat (title)

“ Find somebody educated and reliable who can translate all the documents for you.

“ Check that the person who claims to b) y educated and e owner’s name is on the title.

“ Check the owner’s KTP (ID card) to make sure it matches with name on title and that the

owner is not deceased.

“ Check that they are the real owner and not a nominee for a foreign owner.

“ If they are a nominee, try to contact the principal to check the asking price.

“ Check the Aspek on the title to make sure the land can be built on.

“ Check with the land department (BPN) to make sure the land is zoned for building and not in

the path of a proposed expressway, etc.

“ Check that the land has proper access, either public road or freehold right-of-way.

“ Don’t take anybody’s word for anything.

“ Now find a top-class Notaris with the initials PPAT after their name (which means they are

authorized to enact property title transfers). One who can give you accurate translations

of documents, as well.

“ Do not use the seller’s notaris.

“ Discuss the land with your Notaris and give them a copy of the Sertipikat. At this point

discuss whether you want to convert the title to Right of Use or whether you want to

appoint a nominee, in which case the Notaris will also have to prepare the documents you

need to protect your interest in the land.

“ Ask the Notaris to draw up a Sale and Purchase Agreement, containing all the conditions you

have agreed with the owner.

“ Arrange for the owner to sign Sale and purchase Agreement with you, witnessed by the


“ Pay the Notaris a 10% deposit to be held in escrow until the Notaris has completed due

diligence using the original documents (proof of ownership, etc).

“ Complete the sale in front of the Notaris, with the seller and your nominee.

“ At the same time, pay the other 90% owed for the purchase.

“ Complete all the encircling documents with your Nominee.

“ Pay the agreed Nominee’s fee.

“ Later, when the documents are ratified, pay your Purchase Tax and the Notaris fee (1%).

Whew! Much easier just to do steps 1 and 2 and let us look after the rest. And remember, if we don’t

have the land you want in our listings, we will find it for you. We work for you for free. The seller

pays our commission. Remember, you are in a foreign land. Things are much different here.


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